Living in Virginia Beach - the GOOD and BAD

Virginia Beach is a city with a unique blend of urban and coastal living. If you're contemplating a move to this area, understanding its advantages and disadvantages can help you make an informed decision. Here's a detailed look at the pros and cons of residing in Virginia Beach.

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Pros of Living in Virginia Beach

1. The Beaches One of the biggest draws of Virginia Beach is its beautiful coastline. The Virginia Beach Oceanfront, stretching three miles along the Atlantic Ocean, is a favorite among residents and visitors alike. This area is renowned for its lively boardwalk, diverse restaurants, shops, and vibrant entertainment scene, especially on weekends and evenings. Iconic spots like the Neptune statue and the beachfront fitness park are must-visits.

South of the Oceanfront lies Sandbridge Beach, offering a more serene, residential atmosphere. It has a charming small-town vibe and is ideal for families and surfers. The waves here are perfect for beginners, and the area provides ample public beach access points.

Chesapeake Bay Beach, or Chick's Beach, is another fantastic option, known for its calm waters that are perfect for young children. First Landing State Park Beach is beloved for its scenic beauty and extensive walking trails, making it a great spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

2. Waterfront Living Virginia Beach offers numerous opportunities for waterfront living. Whether you're dreaming of a home on the ocean, Chesapeake Bay, a river, lake, or inlet, there are many options available. Waterfront condos can be found for under $300,000, often including boat slips. Detached single-family homes with piers and boat lifts can be found in the $500,000 to $600,000 range, depending on size and location.

3. Military Community The strong military presence in Virginia Beach is a significant aspect of the local culture. The city hosts several large military bases, bringing a sense of security and community. Veterans and those with military connections will likely feel at home here, as many military personnel get stationed in this area during their careers.

Cons of Living in Virginia Beach

1. Jet Noise While the military presence provides many benefits, it also comes with the downside of jet noise. Certain areas of Virginia Beach are affected by noise from nearby naval air stations. This can be disruptive, especially if you work from home or prefer a quieter environment. It's crucial to consider these noise zones when choosing a place to live.

2. Flooding Living near the water means dealing with the risk of flooding. Virginia Beach's low elevation and proximity to the ocean make some areas prone to flooding. Prospective residents should be aware of flood zones and the associated costs of flood insurance, which can range from $800 to $2,800 per year. However, not all waterfront properties are in flood zones, and options in nearby areas like Suffolk might offer less flood risk.

3. Traffic Traffic can be a significant issue in Virginia Beach, particularly if your daily commute involves traveling through the tunnels. While the traffic may not be as severe as in some larger cities, it can still be problematic depending on your location and the time of day. Tunnel commutes come with the additional concerns of tolls and potential delays from accidents.

Final Thoughts

Virginia Beach combines the appeal of beautiful beaches, diverse waterfront living options, and a supportive military community. However, it also presents challenges such as jet noise, flood risks, and traffic congestion. If you have any questions or need assistance with your move, feel free to reach out. I'm here to help!

Thank you for reading. If you found this information valuable, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my YouTube channel. 

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