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Moving to Virginia Beach: What You Need to Know

Hey there! If you're thinking about moving to Virginia Beach, there are some important things you should know, and I'm here to help. Virginia Beach, the 37th largest city in the country, has a population just below 450,000. Interestingly, the population has decreased by 2.21% since 2020, possibly due to people relocating to Florida.

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Understanding Hampton Roads

Virginia Beach is part of the Tidewater area, commonly referred to as Hampton Roads, which includes seven cities: Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, and Newport News. Suffolk, located to the west, is the largest city in Virginia by land mass, featuring a mix of farmland, swamp, and the more developed Harborview area.

Hampton Roads is divided into two sections: the south side (Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk) and the north side (Hampton and Newport News). Some even consider Yorktown and Pocosin as part of the Hampton Roads area.

Cost of Living

Living in Virginia Beach costs about 4.8% more than the national average. Housing prices are around 8.8% higher than the national average. For more detailed information on the cost of living, including food, gas, transportation, healthcare, and daycare, check out my other video where I dive deeper into these topics.

Climate and Geography

Virginia Beach is flat, with no hills except for Mount Trashmore, a park created from a former landfill. The area has a humid, subtropical climate. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are mild with occasional snow. On average, we get about 47-48 inches of rain and 2-2.5 inches of snow per year.


Cost of Living in Virginia Beach

Are you considering a move to Virginia Beach? Understanding the cost of living here is crucial for planning your budget. Let’s dive into the key aspects that will affect your finances in this beautiful coastal city.

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Housing Costs

Housing is a significant part of the cost of living in Virginia Beach. On average, housing prices here are about 8.8% higher than the national average. Whether you're looking to rent or buy, you'll find a variety of options from oceanfront condos to suburban single-family homes.

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Utilities and Essentials

Utilities in Virginia Beach are fairly standard compared to the national average. Expect to pay around $150-$200 per month for electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage services. Internet costs typically range from $50 to $100 per month, depending on your provider and plan.


Virginia Beach has a car-dependent culture, so transportation costs are an important...

Living in Virginia Beach - the GOOD and BAD

Virginia Beach is a city with a unique blend of urban and coastal living. If you're contemplating a move to this area, understanding its advantages and disadvantages can help you make an informed decision. Here's a detailed look at the pros and cons of residing in Virginia Beach.

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Pros of Living in Virginia Beach

1. The Beaches One of the biggest draws of Virginia Beach is its beautiful coastline. The Virginia Beach Oceanfront, stretching three miles along the Atlantic Ocean, is a favorite among residents and visitors alike. This area is renowned for its lively boardwalk, diverse restaurants, shops, and vibrant entertainment scene, especially on weekends and evenings. Iconic spots like the Neptune statue and the beachfront fitness park are must-visits.

South of the Oceanfront lies Sandbridge Beach, offering a more serene, residential atmosphere. It has a charming small-town vibe and is ideal for families and surfers. The waves here are perfect for beginners, and the area provides ample public beach access points.

Chesapeake Bay Beach, or Chick's Beach, is another fantastic option, known for its calm waters that are perfect for young children. First Landing State Park Beach is beloved for its scenic beauty and extensive walking trails, making it a great spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

2. Waterfront Living Virginia Beach offers numerous opportunities for waterfront...

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